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November 1, 2017 and November 2, 2017.  8 pm, San Fransisco, CA: Hien Huynh will be performing a solo dance piece at SAFE house ARTS exploring his heritage in Vietnam, and tragedy and triumph caused by war to music of Derek Sup. more info

November 5, 2017.  4 pm, Berkeley, CA: The Town Quartet will be performing Derek Sup’s 1st string quartet, along with other pieces at The Starry Plough in Berkeley.

December 9, 2017.  7 pm, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Sacramento, CA
December 10, 2017.  5 pm, Jesuit High School Chapel, Sacramento, CA
December 11, 2017.  7 pm, Beatnik Studios, Sacramento, CA: Vox Musica will be performing Ode to the Sun, by Derek Sup, a multi-media piece composed for women’s choir and organ for their concert exploring the theme of light.  The composer will be performing the organ part. more info

February 6th, 2018.  7 pm, Rio Americano High School Performing Arts Center, Sacramento, CA:  Derek Sup will be returning to his high school, Rio Americano, to conduct the Honors Concert Band.  They commissioned him to write a piece, Seasons, for their first formal performance in the brand new concert hall.  The piece is based off of a song he wrote his senior year of high school and performed for his graduation.




October 21, 2017.  4 pm, River City Christian Church, Sacramento, CA: Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra will be performing Piano Concerto: Debra’s Recital by Derek Sup with the composer on piano solo.  more info

October 29, 2017.  10 am, Oakland, CA: The St. Paul Lutheran Oakland chancel choir will be performing Dear Christians, One and All Rejoice by Derek Sup, a cantata for brass quartet, choir, bell choir, piano, and drum set for their 500th year anniversary Reformation service, conducted by Derek Sup.


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