Application Portfolio for Princeton

1. Piano Concerto: Debra’s Recital, Movement III.

Commissioned by the Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra, piano solo played by Derek Sup, conducted by Pete Nowlen.  Written for standard classical orchestra, Korg MS2000, taped, and piano.  Premiered in March 2017.

2. Ode to the Sun

Commissioned by Vox Musica women’s choir set to words by Scott Mehner.  Written for women’s choir, organ, and projection mapping.  Premiered in December of 2017.

3. When Springtime Comes

From the album Covenant of Grace, released in September of 2017.  Entire album, credits, and lyrics available here.  Performed by Derek Sup on piano and voice, with choir, string quartet, percussion, tape, and handbells.


Thank you for listening,
Derek Sup